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Get access to easy-to-rank relevant keywords for your niche website or startup with Kraas, a fast and easy-to-use tool.

Get access to keywords that you can easily rank for

Have you just built a landing page or started a new niche website but you’re yet to get keywords to cover on your website so as to get organic search traffic?

Use our Keyword research tool and get zero competition keywords delivered to your inbox upon order.

Get search keywords with historical search volume data

Don’t just create content. Create content on high search volume keywords that are easy to rank.

Our keywords are usually informational, question-based and reviews.

We identify seasonal keywords and hot topics that will boost the organic search traffic of your website.

How we find the right keyword

Do you need long tail keywords with high search volumes? Question-based topics could also be interesting?

Our keyword research process will help you find such hanging fruits as we are defined to help you rank.

Google Suggest

While you are typing in a keyword to search, Google will suggest further, complementary terms (this is called “Google Suggest”).

We use these keywords for a deeper, more accurate search.

Compare Keywords

We also compare the terms from Google Suggest with the related search queries.

We consider including these terms in your content, because they seem to be highly relevant for users.


Refine Our Research

We use the terms suggested by Google, and other SEO tools  to refine your keyword research.

This way, you will get even more terms that you can use to create and optimize your content.

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For niche bloggers, startups, and marketers.

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For mega niche sites and startups.

Frequently asked questions

We help you find long tail easy to rank keywords for your niche website and startup.

Krass is a human-researched keyword research tool to get zero competition keywords delivered.

If you have a new niche site or an existing niche site or a startup and need keywords to create content on so as to get search traffic.

You can order for a certain number of keywords for a relatively low price.

Krass is a human-centered keyword research tool.

The keywords delivered are sourced by humans using top rated SEO tools including Ahrefs and Keywords everywhere.

Sorry, you can’t pay in installment.

To successfully order keywords, you have to pay a one-time fee as indicated on the payment page.

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Hit the mark with Krass. Get your pages ranking high on SERP. Use our Keyword Research Tool and get zero competition keywords delivered to your inbox